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Photo Crystal

Photo-Crystal Sculptures

These elegant Photo-Crystals are 100% genuine crystal, featuring 360 degrees of sparkling transparency. A new advanced technology allows the fusion of your photographic images to crystal creating extraordinary one of a kind works of art. They make memorable gifts for Weddings, Anniversaries, Holidays and more. Also, makes great awards and trophies for corporate recognition, sporting events, you name it! Endless possiblities abound and limited only by your imagination!

Each crystal piece includes your image optimized and fused to the crystal with archive quality inks, and comes custom fitted in a lined Photo_Crystal_Questions_copy.jpgpresentation box. Text may be added to your photo at no additional charge. In fact, we will provide image correction and restoration services for free. If you seach the web for these services, you will see just how amazing this offer is.

Steps to order:

1. Choose Crystal *Reminder-Crystal should take perspective of Picture*

2. Click on size of crystal to order

3. Upload picture

4. If desired, create a message for your Crystal Picture

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