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DO NOT ORDER HERE PLEASE GO TO www.gunstarss.com

Gunstar Sighting Solutions is your source for sighting solutions for target and 3-D competitions. Our owner is an expert archer, with international competition experience and has the expertise to recommend the product that is right for you. Check out our Magnification Calculator and our Tech Support page for expert resourcers for the target or 3-D competition archer.

New Pro Series Rub On Reticles!

These stick to all lenses. Designed and engineered specifically for hard to stick to lenses with extreme anti-glare / hydrophopic coatings!

New Pro Series Sight Tapes!

Finally a sight tape that covers most all shooters, Kids, Women and Speed Demons!

From approximatley 200 FPS - 330 FPS. These tapes average 1/100th of an inch variation between tapes, based on 20yd to 60yd measurements. This means that you can find a tape that is the perfect fit for you.

They come in 3 Sheets A-Slow B-MidRange C-Fast. 126 different tapes available over 3 sheets. Also color coded to help prevent mis setting your sight. 100% waterproof. Printed on Vinyl with UV Inks.

To order the New Pro Series Reticles or Pro Series Sight Tapes please go towww.gunstarss.com

This is also the best place to order Eye Blinders




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